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All Guilds Meeting - February 2015

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It's been quite the weekend with anniversary celebrations in full swing, and the All Guilds Meeting was right in the middle of it!  The Guild would also like to reiterate a big thank you to Tor'i at Cyan for coming in on the weekend to bring the MOULa server back up so the party could continue!

As always, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs from the meeting for those that may have missed it, plus a summary!


Zeke was first to talk about both the Cavern Events Hood and his Cavern Tours.  The Cavern Events hood is for anyone to bring their various events, ideas, games and anything else that's going on in the community.  Check there to see the latest. 

There will also be a special Cavern Tour before the team takes a break.  This will be Sunday, February 8th at 17:30 KI time.  It's recommended that everyone meet about 30 minutes prior to the start.  Everyone will meet in Ae'gura, and if that fills up, then the alternate meeting spot will be Kirel.

MOULa's 5 Year Anniversary

Max was next to update everyone on MOULa's 5 year anniversary celebrations.  Currently, there is a fan art competition running until a date to be determined.  For prizes, Cyan has graciously donated 5 "20 Years of Myst" posters (pictured).  For details on how to win one of these beauties, visit the contest's forum thread.  The winners will be announced at next month's All Guilds Meeting on March 7th.


Calum Traveler (aka DimensionTravelerCalum) has also produced a tribute video in honor of the anniversary.

MystiTech Productions

Vector Prime came up to update everyone about The Lost Art, a machinima production by MystiTech Productions.  With the announcement of fan content coming to MOULa soon, the team felt it prudent to hold off so they would not have to do quite as much green screening. 

They are also planning a large crowd shot, which will need many avatars, and they have asked the community to participate!  The date on that particular piece of filming is still to be decided, so stay tuned!

You can view all of MystiTech's work so far at their Youtube channel.

Myst: Lost Ages

Calum and MystiTech aren't the only ones creating impressive Myst/URU-related videos.  Adam Watson has also produced a live action Myst video called Myst: Lost Ages.  It's a trailer for a proposed series that Cyan has approved.  You can view this impressive work of film here.

It's been awhile since OU has taken the stage, and they had much to discuss.  Rarified told how Minkata shard had been updated just 15 minutes prior to their arrival onstage.  Christian Walther also mentioned some of the fixes that made it in...over 30 or so total!  You can view a list of changes for this version here

They're also working with Cyan on getting new client builds out faster and with less cost to the CAVCON.  Work continues behind the scenes.

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant (aka JamieM(2.0) ) finished out the meeting, mentioning the latest HN that was to happen after the AGM.  You can read a summary of the event here.  For any announcements on future Heritage Nights, keep an eye on the official site and on the Events section of the MOULa forums.


January finished out at a nice 4.1!  Keep up the donations to keep the cavern open and so we can get more fan content!  The new clothing was just the beginning!

See you in March!

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